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Adelaide Chapter Journal

Art Deco and Modernism Society - Adelaide Chapter
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Journal of the Adelaide chapter of the Art Deco & Modernism Society - all things Deco related in SA!
The local chapter of the Art Deco & Modernism Society was inaugurated in April 2008 with a very successful walk of inner city Adelaide Deco architecture. Since then other events have followed and more are planned.

Basically we are interested in the world of architecture, art and design from the mid 20th century, especially as it pertains to South Australia - a state whose mid 20th century architecture and design has been rather neglected compared to its colonial and federation heritage.

At this early stage most posts will come from the local chapter and will be about upcoming events and Deco related issues of public interest. Please get involved!

For people interested in learning more about Deco, and especially those who think they may own a deco house we have a sister Flickr! photopage of Adelaide Deco related architecture which is at http://www.flickr.com/groups/adelaidedeco/

The Webmaster (and the ADS local chapter) can be contacted at adelaidedeco@internode.on.net